Western Sydney Infrastructure is failing

November 28, 2010 3 Comments by admin

Western Sydney is growing at an increasing pace and the infrastructure spending has not kept pace with the rapid growth of this region.


Population of the size of Tasmania will be moving to Western Sydney in the next 20 years and we are fast running out of options.


Western Sydney is home to a majority of people belonging to the Indian community who along with others are suffering from these excessive tolls. Many Western Sydney motorists are spending approximately $2,500 per year to use the Hills M2 Motorway twice a day, 5 days a week, to get to and from work. These captive householders have no option but to use their own car in many areas of Western Sydney. Paul Gibson, the current Labor party MP from Blacktown admitted that offering free public transport was the only option available for getting the people to vote for the existing government but no one was listening.

Showground Road in Caste hill, M2 motorway, M4 motorway, Windsor Road, Seven Hills Road need a big cash injection to be road worthy.  Take the case of M2 motorway. Around 100,000 vehicles a day use the M2 Motorway.17,000 passengers travel on buses along the M2 on a typical work day. The development of bus priority and T-way infrastructure is good but can’t be an alternative to the development of the heavy rail into the North West and South West.

Most mornings you will find bus drivers reading morning newspapers, car drivers sending text messages and tweeting, some car drivers reading documents. The joke is there for all to see. On a rainy day, the speed is reduced to 60 Kmph in a 80 kmph zone, yet everyone is travelling at 20 kmph as infrastructure fails to cope up. This is a 3rd world road network wrongly classified as a motorway. With 3 different speed limits of 70, 80 or 100 kmph, this is further adding to the chaotic conditions on the road.

Roads Minister David Borger recently announced that the RTA had signed a contract with Hills Motorway Ltd to widen the M2 to three lanes and a breakdown lane to create an extra 18km of laneway at a cost of $550 million. But he was later forced to clarify the motorway would remain at two lanes in certain sections.

Once completed, project costs will be passed back to motorists through a 7.7 per cent hike in road tolls, increasing the cost from $4.95 to $6 to travel the length of the road. This one-off 7.7 per cent increase in the toll will apply after construction and a four-year extension of the concession deed from 2042 to 2046. Tolls on the M2 were to be removed in 2042 but they will now stay in place until 2046.

The State government is making motorists foot the bill through a higher toll, even though delays to the North West rail link meant the northwest suburbs had few transport options. Almost every adult in the Hills District owns a car.

Western Sydney is currently experiencing a transport gridlock.  Somebody should pay for failing to invest in infrastructure in Sydney. Come March 2010, it will be your chance to meet out the punishment.


  1. Matt Mushalik
    7 years ago

    Toll-ways are no longer financially viable.because Transurban is not paying back debt. Moreover, M2 tolls can go up by 1 percent every quarter according to an agreement from 1994 with Hills Motorways.

    Visit my website crudeoilpeak and read about more details. Peak oil started in 2005 and triggered the GFC. The congestion on roads will soon turn to congestion around filling stations with long petrol lines.

    There are only 2 solutions to the problem:

    (1) Electric rail on all toll-ways
    (2) Move jobs into the suburbs, decentralize

    The M2 & M5 widening will end in financial problems.


  2. viggy
    7 years ago

    Its high time somebody really get serious and find a solution for this problem. Its hard to imagine a country calling itself developed, isn’t able to cope with peak time traffic. Travelling from western Sydney to and fro everyday its absolutely ridiculous to spend twice or on rainy day thrice the time it should take normally to travel. Its time we could spend doing some quality stuff.
    But it sounds like an issue everybody knows about but doesn’t know how to fix.


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