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21 Oct

The (Un)Making of Tony Abbott


One of the most noticeable things of Australian politics since the past 2 years not been the midnight axing of Kevin Rudd or the ascendancy of Julia Gillard to the post of PM, it has been the remarkable story of the ability of Tony Abbott to influence the course of political debate in this country […]

19 Jul


Reshaping India Australia Relations There has been speculation that the relationship between this region’s largest democracies, India and Australia has lost its political traction and that the Labour government has had a different perception of the relationship, thanks to Kevin Rudd. Post Howard era has seen a steady decline in interest of the top leadership […]

14 Jul

Mumbai Bleeds Again


18 killed and 141 injured in terror attacks in Mumbai. How many times have you heard about the terror attacks in Mumbai? It happened in 1993, 2002, 2003, 2006, 2008 and now July 13, 2011. Over 600 innocent people have been killed so far. Mumbai now has the dubious distinction of being perhaps the only […]

04 May

The Elimination of Osama Bin Laden


Bin Laden changed the course of history and his death has again changed the course of history.

15 Apr

The demise of Labor party in NSW


As Dhoni was driving India to glory in the Cricket World Cup, in Australia all eyes were glued towards Barry’ O Farrell. Barry O’ Farrell is the pied piper of NSW who attracted a whole stream of voters wedded to his ideology and to his party. The landmark victory is a credit to his upmanship […]

21 Mar

Rudd Hai Ki Manta Nahin

Dysfunctional Relationship

WikiLeaks has been a blessing for students and media people who have now gained a new insight in the way diplomacy is being conducted by bureaucrats and leaders of different countries. Diplomacy is often a dirty game, digging out for dirty linen and passing out the information to respective head offices. The leaks have put […]

25 Jan

A Tale of Two Disasters

Daring Queensland Premier Anna Bligh and Laggard Kerala Chief Minister VS Achutanandan

ON 9th January, after returning from work, I switched on the car radio and heard the Mayor of Brisbane talking about a deluge about to hit Brisbane and many parts of Queensland including Toowoomba and the Lockyer Valley. He spoke about the flood levels in 1974 crisis and how they were told that there would […]

16 Dec

Sri Mandir Temple Attack Story – Why we did it?

Temple priest, Pandit Jatin Kumar Bhatt

One of the oldest temples of Australia attacked by vandals and the reports of the temple being the subject of similar attacks since the past 5 years and being seen as a soft target have caused deep anguish in our society. We thought it would be morally wrong not to cover this story. The story […]

15 Dec

Why Ted Baillieu may be the key to renewed Australia India relations?

Ted Bailieu

A lot of water has flown in the Murray Darling basin since part time taxi driver and Master of Accounting student, Rajneesh Joga died after being assaulted, taxi driver Jalwinder Singh was stabbed seven times by his passenger, Shravan Kumar poked in the eye with a screw driver and accountancy graduate Nitin Garg murdered in […]

28 Nov

Western Sydney Infrastructure is failing

Peak hour Sydney Roads

Western Sydney is growing at an increasing pace and the infrastructure spending has not kept pace with the rapid growth of this region. [pullquote] Population of the size of Tasmania will be moving to Western Sydney in the next 20 years and we are fast running out of options. [/pullquote] Western Sydney is home to […]

21 Oct

Back to Future for Australia and India


If you think Australian image in India has improved since the past 12 months, you are wrong. Even before the recent racist police email scandal burst, Australia continued to occupy a villainous image in the Indian minds. Majority of Indians are convinced Australia is not a safe place and are wary of sending their kids […]

29 Sep

The Ethnic Vote


Post elections 2010, Australia now has the first hung parliament in more than 60 years which has left many observers baffled. The negotiations between the independents and the mainstream parties were like a circus which went for more than 17 days after the election. This is too long a period especially when the country is […]