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09 May

There is a growing audience in India for new cinema – ONIR

I AM is not your usual “Bollywood Film” – for the first time in Indian cimema history, the film has been almost completely crowd sourced -started from a mere $35 to over $0.6million – it is a great testimony to producers Sanjay Suri and Onir pioneering work in creating truly path breaking cinema – giving […]

12 Apr

Interview with Frank Menneli. Assistant Commissioner of Police, South Western Metro Region


Last week I got a call from the NSW Police Media Department saying they wanted to discuss the Auburn Temple attack issue which featured on the cover of March edition of THE INDIAN. Soon I was on the phone speaking to Frank Menneli, Assistant Commissioner of Police, South Western Metro Region. Here is the excerpts […]

27 Jan

Amit Dasgupta – A man with a billion hopes

Amit Dasgupta, Indian Consul General in Sydney

India- a land of a billion people, a nation for a billion reasons. India continues to mesmerise and surprise the rest of the world as much as she enchants and bewilders her own people. An ancient civilisation and a young nation at once, modern India is a thriving democracy, an economic powerhouse, an increasingly assertive […]

05 Jan

Interview with Amit Dasgupta, Indian Consul General in Sydney

Amit Dasgupta, Indian Consul General in Sydney

Amit Dasgupta, Indian Consul General is a man of all seasons and has embarked on a strategy to network with Australian universities and knowledge centres to help improve understanding of India in Australia and facilitate more people to people links between India and Australia. I met with Amit Dasgupta recently and discussed wide ranging issues. […]

08 Aug

Shreya Ghoshal: Singing all the way to the top


India’s melody queen Shreya Ghoshal has sung several songs for Bollywood and other Indian film industries. Besides Hindi, she performs in Assamese, Bengali,Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi,and Tamil songs. Ghoshal is one of the most awarded playback singers in recent times, with four National Film Awards and four Filmfare Awards to her credit.
Rohit Revo interviewed Shreya Ghoshal on the eve of her tour to Australia.

25 Jul

“My first love is Indian Classical Music” – PANDIT SHIVKUMAR SHARMA

Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma’s name is synonymous with santoor, Indian classical music instrument. Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma is credited with single-handedly making the santoor a popular classical instrument. Shiv Kumar Sharma modified santoor to make it more suitable for his classical technique. He introduced the new chromatic arrangement of notes and increased the range to […]

20 Jul

“Music has become my religion” – HARI PRASAD CHAURASIA

Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia has become one of India’s most-respected classical musicians, earning several awards, including the National Award of the Sangeet Natak Academy, which he won in 1984. In 1992, he was awarded the Padma Bhushan and the Konarak Samman. In 1994, he was bestowed the Yash Bharati Sanman and in 2000, he was awarded […]

19 Jun

My visit to this country at this time will be very helpful

Vyalar Ravi, Union Cabinet Minister of Overseas Indian Affairs and a member of Rajya Sabha is also a very highly regarded Indian Parliamentarian. He visited Sydney recently. Editor-in-Chief, Rohit Revo interviewed Vyalar Ravi and discussed wide ranging issues.

05 May

Sanjay Suri: A Thinking Actor

Sanjay Suri has worked for over fifteen years as a high profile model, actor and independent producer. His films include films like “Jhankaar Beats” and National Award-winners “Pinjar” and “Filhaal.” Sanjay was born in Srinagar in India and spent 19 years in the Kashmir valley before shifting to New Delhi with his family in 1990 after his father was killed by militants.

16 Mar

Inside the Mind of a Leader

Aruna Chandrala, President United India Associations, had a tough year in 2009. She is also a member of CRC working committee which has been set up by NSW Premier to address the issues effecting Indian student community and is also a member of Community Safety Precinct Committee(NSW Police). Originally from Andhra Pradesh in India, she is married to businessman Viswanath Chandrala, Director of Bocar Pty Ltd, and is also the CEO for this company. Her daughter Shalini is a chartered accountant and son Pavan is a doctor. She also works as a Telugu language interpreter.

05 Nov

The Girl from Bondi aims high

Interviews by admin

The final for Miss Earth Australia 2009 Beauty pageant was held on 19th September at the UNSW Round House in Sydney. The event had 10 judges from different walks of life and 25 shortlisted contestants out of 50 initial participants took part in the final contest. Preity Uupala was one of the finalists for the […]

17 Sep

Sanjay Raina: Confident of Future

Sanjay Raina ( is the promoter and organiser of the recent Freedom Concert 2009 which featured the brilliant performance of Ustaad Amjad Ali Khan. Sanjay has big plans for the future and has already laid his claim to the brand name of FREEDOM CONCERT series. Rohit Revo posed the following questions to him.